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Yoga Vacation in Paros April 2019

This was definitely a vacation and not a retreat, we had so much fun!


The island was in it's best, everywhere we looked there was a combinations of the sea and nature blossoming. The weather has re-designed our schedule and we got to do all I've planned and more. We had morning meditations in the sun and at the beach, yoga in and outdoors with discussion of theory and exploring abilities, daily teachings of the wisdom of the Kabbalah, Buddhism and the philosophy of Yoga, fun activities in and outdoors, movie night, amazing food, some personal assignments, free time of course, two hikings and one Noa's ball-game session.  

The group was flowing and friendly, and liked the Uzo :) there were breakthroughs to all of us, some in the yoga practice and some within ourselves. Each and everyone were in a big gratefulness and for me that was the whole reward. 


I am thankful to everyone who participated and everything that happened.
Big thanks to the people of Tao's center, our hosts, who were flowing with all changes and always there to help in their own unique and lovely ways. 


Blessings to you all, it was perfect!   

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