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Yoga vacations, Paros, Greece

All my yoga vacations at beautiful Paros island, are hosted by peaceful Tao's center. Every year I have the pleasure of teaching some of my Israeli students with guests from other countries, for 5 full days of Yoga and so much more.


Besides of 8 Yoga sessions, we have wonderful meals together, hike, walk, talk, play, dance, laugh & even cry. Some years we had a movie nights & a bed-time stories and Noa's movement and ball-game guest session. Noa Simchoni, you are a queen.

Some groups love Uzo, some prefer wine :) all groups warm my heart.


There are always some major break-through to each and every one of us, mental & physical. Every day there are some insights and studies, which lead us in a meaningful journey.


I thank all participants for allowing everything to happen the way it does. It is alwaysperfect. I thank the people of Tao's center for their pleasant assistance and being. And in Amit Carmeli's words – I'm thankful for everything that happened & everything that didn't happen. It was great. It is always great. Blessings to you all.

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