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Yoga & Me

In 1998 I visited my first Yoga class, in Israel. Since then I've travelled the world and practiced various Yoga styles, learning, researching and gaining inspiration in and out of the Yoga world.

In 2009 I left a career as a business consultant and embarked on a new journey. I became a Yoga teacher. Yoga provided me with grounding. I matured into Yoga. Practicing Yoga teaches me courage, tranquility and love. Teaching Yoga teaches me humbleness, observation and love. Through Yoga I explore my body, mind and soul and my environment, over and over again. Now I teach classes, workshops and Teacher's Training courses worldwide. I was honored to be the editor and one of the writers of the Israeli's Yoga Teachers Association's Newsletter in 2014-2015. I am a Certified Yoga instructor since 2006, by several Teacher's Training courses in New York, India and Israel.

More Relevant Studies:

  • TT of Yoga for Children Course - Ein Shemer, Israel

  • Far East studies - Tel Aviv University, Specialized in Chinese, India studies & Budhism

  • Daoism Studies - Universal School. Yang Shu, China

I believe in experiencing, rather than reading, hearing or talking about it. So I experience my life as colorful and fascinating.

I believe that all beings are equal. I hope that someday we will acknowledge the responsibility that human kind must share - we are responsible for the well being of all creatures, including each other and mother earth.

I believe in yoga, vegan nutrition and laughter as great healing tools.
I seriously believe that we are guests here, invited to enjoy all the devices of this huge playground. It is up to us to choose how we spend our time in this lifetime and I highly recommend spending it with a lot of fun!

And I honestly believe that love is the answer.

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