Private Therapy Sessions

Let's Reverse Our Perspective. We came here to learn and develop. Throughout life, you can choose to suffer or enjoy. I choose Joy!

Pathways to Happiness - there are two options for private sessions:

Mind & Soul Sessions

A set of hour and a half long sessions of guidance, in which we explore and study life changing methods and tools that are easy to apply, solve challenges and enable personal breakthroughs. The results are rapid, you come out feeling awesome and so will the people around you.


The Sessions are effective and enlightening for all human beings that want to live happy and fulfilling lives. But they are an essential opportunity if you feel stuck or exhausted, if you are struggling with a relationship (whether with yourself, another person, your past, your future, anything), if you want to adjust life stressor or depression – this is a wonderful opportunity for you!

Body, Mind & Soul Sessions

A set of 2-hour long sessions that include guidance and conversation, short therapeutic yoga practice and Thai-Yoga-Therapy. These sessions are marvelous! In an overall treatment we get a healthy, comfortable body, a clear mind and a happy soul. These sessions are a wonderful experience for all human beings, easing pains for both body and soul.


We essentially live in a giant amusement park, and in this park we can suffer from the sun, the yelling and loud noises around us, the long lines and crowds. Alternatively, we can enjoy the breeze, the fun vibe, the big Ferris wheel and the sense of childhood and freedom. It is all in our heads. Sometimes we need help to be pulled out of our current perspective to enable us a fresh view, a different and reversed. This allows us to enjoy our time here, be happy and succeed.

Our experiences affect us from a very young age. Everyone carries their own burden of habits, beliefs and challenges. All through life we meet various challenges with relationships and unique situations. These invite us to learn, grow and rid ourselves of unwanted stuff that weighs down our sack. In private sessions we discuss and learn tools, how to manage ourselves in life. We study the roots of our challenges and address them, leaving unnecessary burdens behind.

The body and soul are connected. The body informs us about what's going on internally, and the soul suffers, when there is an illness or pain in the body. Relief for the body is relief for the soul, and vice versa.

My tools come from a broad range of experiences, spanning from business and management tools to the wisdom of various beliefs and therapies. These include: the wisdom of Yoga, Zen, Buddhism and Kabbalah and therapies such as Yoga Therapy, Natural Health, the Ein Habdolach method, In consciousness love therapy, Thai Yoga Therapy, and Biorgonomy.

In every session we will explore and learn useful life changing tools relevant to your life.

If you have the will to ease the burden of your sack, that is heavy and restrains,

If you wish to reconnect with yourself, find your largest version and your purpose

If you want to live with joy and satisfaction and to bring your abilities and strengths to implementation

– I am here.

A small tip before we begin, always true: LOVE IS THE ANSWER : )