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Yoga Vacation in Paros island, Greece | May 2022

This wonderful island became a second home to me, every year students arrive and understand why :)

In 2022 we will return to Paros for five days of nourishments and challenges, a vacation of yoga and so much more!

This time it is a "yin and yang" yoga vacation, we will practice Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

Vinyasa - dynamic practice of strength, flexibility, challenges and vitality

Yin - restorative practice, meditative and relaxing, getting to deep tissues

Dates: 19-23 May 2022

Our schedule:

Day 1

We will begin on the afternoon with the opening session followed with first yoga practice

After that we'll have a Tao's great vegetarian dinner and a fun evening activity

Day 2,3,4

Morning meditation, morning yoga practice, delicious vegetarian breakfast

Island time- your time to explore the island, travel, rest, visit villages,

beaches, shop, coffee-shops, mountains and caves

On the afternoon we will meet again for studies of various subjects, yoga practice, lovey vegetarian dinner and evening activities

Day 5

Morning meditation, morning last yoga practice and closing session

Last Tao's wonderful breakfast and then goodbye hugs& kisses

What else?

We plan to do one of our morning sessions on the beach, combined in a fun activity

There will be a movie, games, hiking to a beautiful sight and more surprises

On Friday evening we will dine in a local Greek restaurant

The price for this body & soul nourishing vacation starting at 710 euro

(as you choose rooms in a variety of three charming hotels)

Registration fee 100 euro (included in the total price)

Early yogis discount until February 1st,

we recommend to register and book your flight tickets early,

to enjoy low prices of flights

Prices including yoga, activities, meals and accommodation in a Greek family hotel

Prices not including vehicles and flights

How can you join us? Email me or text me

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