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Welcoming the new year on the beach 26/9/2019 17:00 Michmoret

It'a going to be a good year, if we let it, it's up to us.

Within the end of one (Jewish) year and the beginning of another, this is the time

to figure out how was it, who am I and how would I like next year to be.

Now is the right time to live a confident joyful life. It is time to dare and prosper. It is time to get to know ourselves, learn our structures, leave behind whatever is not contributing any more and own new tools for happier life. It is time that each human being will realize what gifts did he bring here, what lessons are knocking on his door, especially for him, and recognize the fact that the way to tranquility and joy is already paved for us.

How do we do that? there is just one answer to all of this, with many ways to apply.

I promise to tell you all about it, with love.

To this gathering on the beach, invited all the brave ones who are interested in having a great year, and the next one, and the next one....

We will meet just before sunset for a lot of fun, and also for a personal meeting, ,mainly each of us with himself, for studying ancient wisdom, insights and useful tools

For an effective session, the number of participants is limited

The symbolic price is 60 nis

Wear comfortable clothes, bring also something warm and something to

sit on (a towel, longi...). Tasty foods will be accepted with blessings :)

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