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Effortless Painless Happiness workshop 10/1 Rishpon

workshop for anyone who is interested in practicing and moving just like that!

Why is there pain? what is an effort?

what in the role of the spine?

what has evolution done to our neck?

why do we need muscles?

what do other tissues do?

why do we have a Pelvis?

how does this info helps us in our practice and daily life?

what does it mean to practice correctly?

what are the "5 couples" for a correct practice?

what is the most important foundation in our practice?

and what's the connection to breathing?

In 3 hours we will study and deepen anatomic knowledge, basics of practicing,

correct work of the body on the yoga mat and in daily life

and we're doing it again! Friday 10/1 11:00-14:00

and we're doing it again! Friday 20/12 11:00-14:00

Friday 29/11 11:00-14:00

Highly recommended to all practitioners in all kind of movement activities

and yoga styles, in all levels

The workshop will be hosted in a studio in Moshav Rishpon

It's a small space, the number of practitioners is limited

Price: guests 180 nis, students 150 nis

Bring Your yoga mat, a notebook and writing tools.

For info and registration I'm here

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