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Thai - Yoga - Therapy tools workshop

After some requests, I'm always happy to teach this workshop of tools of Thai-Yoga-Therapy.

What's that?

Combination of Thai massage and yoga poses, a wonderful, deep, relaxing and healing technique :) it can reach deep tissues, open the spine and joints, release muscles tension, and ease the mind and soul.

For who is the course?

Yoga teachers (plates, Feldenkrais, fitness trainers...) and therapists. Only those who already have studied anatomy and physiology, and that want to get more tool to ease common issues, such as: lower back pains, tight sour hamstrings, neck pains, etc, you know them :)you can use it in private sessions but even in group classes.


Tao's center, Paros island, Greece, of course :)

How long?

3 sessions, each will be 3.5 hours, in which I teach and then you practice :)I aim for a small group, best and right way to learn this.

How much?

350 euros, that's all :)


June 24-26


Those who are not familiar with this therapy are welcome to book a session :)

For details and registration at Tao's website

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