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Spring Yoga retreat in Paros island, Greece | May 2023

This wonderful island became a second home to me, every year students arrive and understand why :)

This retreat is a unique invitation to embark a journey of self growth and awareness.

Four days of mediations, various yoga sessions, inspiring studies, vegetarian meals, island time, evening activities, outdoors activities, and more :)

In perfect weather, away from daily routine and noises, take time for peace and wellness.

Dates: May 10-14 , 2023

Our schedule:

Day 1

We will begin on the afternoon with the opening session followed with first yoga practice

After that we'll have a Tao's great vegetarian dinner and a fun evening activity

Day 2,3,4

Morning meditation, morning yoga practice, delicious vegetarian breakfast

Island time- your time to explore the island, travel, rest, visit villages,

beaches, shop, coffee-shops, mountains and caves

On the afternoon we will meet again for studies of various subjects, yoga practice, lovey vegetarian dinner and evening activities

Day 5

Morning meditation, morning last yoga practice and closing session

Last Tao's wonderful breakfast and then goodbye hugs& kisses

How can you join us? Email me or text me

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