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A Chinese master and an Indian healer held a Zoom meeting...

Yin and Yang

From ancient Chinese philosophy.

A concept of two contrasts, that complete each other

and exist in everything, including in us - in bodies, minds and souls.


From ancient Indian philosophy and medicine.

These are energy centers in the physical body,

reflecting all of our layers and all fields of life.

This workshop will introduce you to both concepts:

Their histories, roots and meanings,

The influence they have on us in different aspects,

We will discover the connection between them,

and learn how to leverage this ancient knowledge in life.

For who is this workshop?

  • anyone interested in traditional eastern philosophies and medicine

  • healers and therapists seeking to deepen their knowledge and gain tools for diagnosis, analysis and healing

  • Yoga instructors and teachers that want to expand their body-mind-soul understanding by traditional Indian and Chinese concepts

Pictures taken in China and India. amazing places where I traveled, studied and taught.

The workshop will be on Zoom app

Next date and time will be published soon

Workshops are conducted with clarity and convenience

Participant can ask questions during and after

Participant also receive written material of the Chakras chapter

Participating fee: 100 nis / 25 euro

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10/8 ירח 67% קפיצות מדרגה

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