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Our Yoga Practice

We practice Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga

Through Yoga we reveal our true self, stripping layers of illusions and letting go of the story we tell, hear, see, think and feel. We progress towards the naked truth, reality as is, for this is all there is:  the moment, here and now.

Vinyasa classes - The flow can be sometimes a  dynamic flow with Ashtanga Yoga roots Or therapeutic flow blended with Viniyoga and Iyengar roots. These inspirations enable us to explore contrasts, such as: effort versus softness, center versus periphery, flexibility versus strength. Meanwhile, we deepen our study of Asanas supported with informative guidance and exceptional hands-on adjustments.

Yin Yoga classes - a passive flow in which we stay in variations of asanas for 3-5minutes, practicing surrendering, letting go, learning to relax into comfort and discomfort, physically and mentally. This unique yoga style is accessing deeper layers of fascia, opening connective tissues around different joints.

We aim to not aim, we approach the asana, always as for the first time, with no expectations, just to explore.

Our consciousness is present, we are aware, present every moment.

And the main idea, as always, is to enjoy!

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