Hi, nice to meet you

My name is Sharon Hila Stren

I teach, guid, consult and coach all of my life. 


I’m glad to say that everything I teach or suggest to others - I’ve been studying and practicing dailly, researching in my own life-lab and happy to pass on all of this ancient precious wisdom to anyone who is interested in living life of happiness, love, tranquility and fulfillment.


For many years I guid and consult in organisations, in different kind of fields, as well as coaching management.


I am a Yoga teacher for a decade, teaching vinyasa and yin yoga, in classes, workshops and courses world wide.

I teach and live by some wonderful methods and perspectives, such as:

The Yoga and Buddhism knowledge & philosophy 
Kabbalah, “The Crystal Eye” and Natural Health 

(student of Rabbai Yuval Hacohen Asherov)

Thai - Yoga - Therapy


With children I also use more tools such as: arts, crafts, texts and photography