Hello,my name is Sharon Hila Stren

I conduct lectures, workshops, courses and personal work in the fields of Personal -development, a mentor and a senior Yoga teacher.

In the past I was in senior positions in the business world, guided and coached organizations and management.

 All my life I teach, guide, consult and coach.

All my life a study and deepen into knowledge and wisdom 

of ancient and new source, such as: 

different aspects of the Yoga world and philosophy

Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism

The studies of the far east in Tel Aviv University

Kabbalah Torah, Hasidic Torah

mentoring and therapy methods by InLove School

"Krystal eye" method, Natural Health 

Thai - Yoga - Therapy, Biorgonomy

and more...

This list is knowledge and tool I live by and pass on.

Through the years and studies, I came to realize (surprisingly, I admit) how close these sources are, insight very much alike, the truth is one, delivered in different packages. 

I am grateful for the privilege to say today, that behind me more than a decade of

joyful performance, worldwide. 

I am thankful for every student and teacher crossed my path. 

So what exactly do I do?

I conduct lectures, workshops and coursed in the field of personal development

I mentor personal prepossesses in private  sessions, frontal and online (worldwide)

I teach Yoga in groups, private sessions and workshops

I write, read, teach, learn, practice, love and enjoy!